Updates: Winter Day

Welcome to Canada, where the weather was a beautiful 12 degrees yesterday and now it’s negative 12. What’s a better way to spend this cold, winter day? Stay home to read, do some research, do some writing  and watch shows!

Began watching Attack on Titan last night on Netflix and (of course) I’m hooked. I’m not someone who loves to watch anime or who even watches anime (I’ve got nothing against it, it’s just usually not my type… I’m more kdrama, I think– a select handful, at least). Totally love it. Thank you hype on Tumblr!


Definitely forgot to mention here but I’ve set myself to start getting into the graphic novels business! Watchmen would be my second GN as I had gotten myself Sandman Vol 1: Preludes & Nocturnes as my first. Not only am I so overwhelmed with all the GN titles I want to read, it’s taking me a while to get around GNs. As someone who read just plain text all her life, I find it surprisingly challenging to read GNs — which of course I did not anticipate. Yeah, I’m that idiot that went, graphic novels? I can read through them like a breeze! WHOMP.

Well, I hope everyone is having a great day! Stay warm and happy reading 🙂

William Shakespeare says hi, and good day to you, human.



EDIT: Have you seen the recent Vanity Fair photoshoot BY ANNIE LEIBOVITZ?

Definitely getting myself a copy!