My Promise


As a book review blogger, my #1 principle to my fellow readers is simple:
Honesty is the best policy. 
I write reviews based on my opinions and my opinions alone. Since that’s my opinion, yours could totally be different – that being said, although it’s touching, please still give books a chance even when I say they didn’t meet my expectations. As stated above, it’s all a matter of preferences and preferences are opinions and opinions are self made and not necessarily something you have to agree with.  If I can’t be honest with you guys, then what’s the point of me writing reviews? Right?

When I give reviews, even the 5 star ones, I try my best to look at it from different angles, aka the good and the bad or what I liked about it or what felt off. Also, if you notice my ‘star ratings’ are gone that’s because I’ve decided to not keep them in my reviews anymore — at least not here. If you really want to see my star ratings on each book, head over to my Goodreads!

For my goodreads ratings and what they mean:

It’s not that complicated, really. I just wanted my readers to have a basis of what my ratings mean/their values:

1 star

Absolutely Not/ What did I just read

2 stars

Lacked a few elements/ Not my type

3 stars

Liked it but didn’t really get there/ sometimes bordering ‘love it!’

4 stars

Wow/ love this!/ this is so great

5 stars

You shouldn’t be here reading, you should be getting your copy NOW./ books you do not want to miss

6 stars


Please keep in mind that the ratings I give each book I review are my opinion only. still read my review, check the  book out, and maybe even read it. You never know, you might like it!


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