Introduction: Book Blog (+) and (-)

At the age of 13/14, I gradually became aware with the Book Blogging world (which then became Vlogging as well). I looked up to these people for they not only get the advantage of reading books in advance, their opinions matter to hundreds and thousands of people and I remember thinking: since I love reading, writing and sharing my passion so much — why not have my own book blog? 

So following that thought I did some research on what it’s like to run a book blog, what attributes of yourself is key to a successful blog, how to gain connections, etc. Upon seeing many opinions on running a book blog which ranged from: an absolute pleasure to it makes reading homework/this is too much/how do you do all that — I still decided to launch my own book blog which then had been poorly titled, Lit Up My World and fortunately, I did not struggle with requesting titles from publishers.

Now if you’re thinking of running your very own book blog here are a few key points to keep in mind:


  1. Let’s just get this straight: if you wish to run a book blog solely for the reason that you  just want ARCs then please do not continue. Book blogging is not an express ticket to ARCs, it’s simply your platform to voice out (rather, type out) your opinions on books you’ve read or would like to read.
  2. It makes reading homework.
  3. This may be just me but you have to be a tad bit artistically inclined to design your own blog so then you can distinguish your book blog among the thousands of others.
  4. Time management, organization and commitment. This is something I’ve been very guilty about for weeks, if not months, because I just either couldn’t manage my time, did not have any organization in my life or the blog whatsoever and many days spent felt like I was too… tired to read, and truth be told, I haven’t read in a very long time and if I have, I slack off with writing a review on it. Sincerely apologizing to all readers/publishers. 
  5. You read the first book in the series and it’s an ARC… THE EXCRUCIATING WAIT FOR THE SEQUEL.


  1. “Do you get paid doing all this?” “YES! Through books” “Wow… isn’t that too much wo–” “yes and no, it’s worth it though”–> actual conversation I get when people find out I run a blog.
  2. It’s gratifying to know your opinion matters to people, that you influence people in selecting books through your passion.
  3. Great community! Everyone’s always helping each other out. Seriously, you can find a contact page on every book blogger’s site and they will accommodate any newbie because they know exactly how it feels. Especially speaking with the publishers’ publicists, they are all very nice and considerate.
  4. If you’re an aspiring author, practising your commitment and organization skills will greatly enhance your chances in finishing your first book or getting published


  1. Before requesting titles from publishers, ensure you’ve at least had 3 or 6 months of practice/ blog life. Unlike me, I did not prepare for it so now I’m struggling to cope with it — however, don’t mistake me. I LOVE my Ficsane Reads. 
  2. If you live outside of United States, or even if you do live in USA, have GoodReads and Netgalley. ARCs are expensive to make so sometimes they resort to sending them out through eARCs.

That’s all I can think of for now. I hope you study the art of book blogging before jumping into it but what matters most is that you ensure you enjoy it — the world, as it is, isn’t a pleasant place… let’s not add more burdens on your shoulder. Best of luck! Let me know if you need anything or any questions you’d like to ask.



GIVEAWAY: LUCKY NUMBER 13 announcement!

It is now open INTERNATIONALLY – since I’m sending it book depository, shipping rates shouldn’t be an issue – so invite all your friends, all are welcome to the party now 🙂

AND if win and you have any other YOUNG ADULT PAPERBACK in mind other than those stated in the list feel free to request that instead 🙂

Good luck to everyone!



I never liked my previous blog name ‘Lit Up My World‘ and now, thanks to my best friend, I get a new name and I really like this one. Just giving everyone a heads up! Obviously with a new blog name means that I’ll have to create a new email account. Also my twitter name @litupmyworld changed to @FicsaneReads.

The tricky part is my email, for now I’ll stick with but I’m looking into changing that as well. To make things easier, of course.

Thanks for your continued support. This blog is just about to get better!

NOTE: I’ll be hosting my first ever giveaway real soon so stay tuned! 🙂

Happy reading!

Much love, Michelle

Finished Reading: the Lux Series by Jennifer L. Armentrout


Aw, thank you, Daemon :’) (although you meant Katy, I’ll take what I can)


asdfghjkl, so many beautiful words in the English language but they cannot describe my love for the Lux series.

I’ll be writing my reviews for each book and will post them one by one (or separate posts) but over-all, after reading Opal at 4 in the morning (I have this weird habit of ruining my sleeping pattern and finishing a book around 4 in the morning…) I was truly swept by the heart-wrenching ending of Opal. I have FIVE MONTHS. Five months to wait for ORIGINS (Book #4 in the Lux Series).

Sobs everywhere.

I must say that OBISIDIAN was a beautiful start (well duh, if it wasn’t I wouldn’t keep reading), ONYX was devastatingly good but OPAL? Opal is definitely off the charts brilliant – my favorite in the series. I’ll get into more detail/ explain why in my following posts/reviews on each book. Oh, Jennifer L. Armentrout, where have you been all my life?

Have you read the Lux series? I want to know what you think/feel of the series! Comment below or tweet me at @litupmyworld – yes, I finally got a Twitter account for this blog instead of using my personal account: @MichelleMags to tweet about this blog.

P.S. I’ll be posting the Bookmark/s post for Obsidian, Onyx and Opal soon!

Happy Reading!

Always, M.


 Hello Everyone! Welcome to Lit Up My World book review blog. In this blog, you will find:

  • my reviews on past/current read YA (young adult) novels
  • and an up-to date list of books to read/ books that will be released soon!
  • Anything you can think a book blog does, if I get the chance to be able to have giveaways, I will!
  • I will also be posting links to different authors because they might have: posted a snippet, excerpt, or any cover reveal! 
  • I will also do my best to give you guys a heads up on books to look forward to in the next days, months, or year!
  • And maybe if some of you are interested, the “Writer’s Prompts” page is under construction but that page will have your daily prompts for all you aspiring writers out there who wishes to warm up their heads or become more imaginative

Anything else that you guys may want to find in this blog, please, please, please feel free to contact me through the ask box (for now)

For further infos: found on my “About Me” page. On the current theme, the navigation is above the image, which by the way isn’t mine so thank you to the owner, whoever you may be! 

Happy reading everybody! 🙂