Reading: Cinder [1]

I’m currently reading: CINDER by Marissa Meyer

DSC_0520YES YES YES! – fan-girlled so much at this part ❤


Now that I’m halfway done, all I can think about is WHY did I put this book off for so long and YES I was right, she IS a Lunar. Now to find proof that she’s the long lost niece of Queen Levana…

but how can I forget, of course it’s always so nice to drink tea while reading and my choice of the day is: TAZO CALM


What’s everybody reading lately? Any tea that goes with that? Let me know at the comments!


Currently Reading: the Lux Series by Jennifer L. Armentrout

If you have been living under a rock as much as I have these past few years and totally missed this series, let us grab coffee and sob together. I began noticing the hype on OBSIDIAN around last year during TMI Set Days (summer), however, I stupidly ignored them all and just set it aside. I mean, aliens? Really? What is this? Men in Black YA edition? Guess what? GUESS WHAT? I ate all my damn words back because the moment I got past chapter 1 of Obsidian, I was a goner. Completely hooked with the beauty that is Daemon Black.

I bought OBSIDIAN for the sake of ‘hey give it a shot’, seems like it shot me right back. I read it in ONE sitting, lasted up till 4 in the morning and woke up really early to head to Eatons to meet up with my friends – but who am I kidding? I really went there to buy myself not only Book 2: ONYX but as well as book 3: OPAL

While barely hanging out with my friends, I was physically there but mentally and emotionally with the characters of the Lux series and at the moment devouring book 2: ONYX. I finished ONYX around 5 am and read a few chapters into OPAL.

I am now on page 135, Chapter 15 of Opal. I seriously love this series – loving the whole light and dark (lux and arum) concept and for once a protagonist that did not upset me with her wavering decisions between boys! I mean, it’s not heavily a love triangle plot but (STOP READING HERE IF YOU DON’T WANT SPOILERS. LEAVE. GO. SHOO. BYE….I warned you) it is a bit of love triangle at Onyx, not that Daemon actually had a competition against Flake anyway, I mean, Blake. (high five if you get the reference)

I’ll definitely post a ‘Bookmark‘ post. Just warning you all, I will be fan girling most part if not all part of it. It will be an interesting first Bookmark post and it will be quite lengthy since I read the series/ 3 books in a total of two days. (if you don’t know what I mean about ‘bookmark’ posts, refer to this)

Until then, happy reading everyone! 🙂